Philinox Ltd.

  Philinox is a private company from Plovdiv, Bulgaria focused in manufacturing products from stainless and special chrome-nickel steels for the households and the industrial factories. The most commonly used types of steel are AISI 304/304 L / 316 / 316 L / 316 Ti / S 310 depending on the wishes and the specifics of the product.

   The company specializes in the production of electrical and combined water heaters, stainless steel boilers and water containers, hydrophores and other electric heating devices and equipment made from inox.

   * Philinox offers a full line of hot water, low or high pressure boilers, electrical and combined water heaters and water containers from 10 to 5000 liters, laboratory stills, steam sterilizers, sterilizers of Koch, pharmaceuticals and medical devices and machines and containers for the food industry, stainless steel tanks for the confectionery, meat and dairy industry and other sectors of the food industry. Some of the products manufactured are vats, tanks, tanks with double walls and the ability to heat and melt chocolate, butter and cream, tables, cupboards and more.

   * We are producing inox steel chimneys and flue pipes with insulation and sheathing from stainless steel, designed for hotels and restaurants.

   * Our stainless steel products are mainly used in restaurants, hotels, industrial factories, gas stations, wineries, small companies in the food industry, households, laboratories and more.

   Depending on the desires of the costumers, we can produce a product based on a customer’s drawings which can be a non-standard equipment or machinery.

 For more information and specific inquiries please call the phone number in the Contacts menu or send us a mail!